Imagine a colorful room filled with smaller sized gymnastics equipment to challenge and delight your little one. These programs introduce your child to the wonderful world of movement. Our carefully trained staff will direct you and your child through various activities that include free exploration, rhythm activities, skill acquisition, basic gymnastics, balance and locomotion. Children gain confidence through movement and generally are better equipped to learn and explore at an earlier age.

A must for you and your little one! This unique program provides quality time to explore movement experience together. Your child will have fun experiencing a multitude of activities that safely challenge his or her abilities. Studies have shown that movement coordination leads to an accelerated learning ability due to a measure of self-confidence. Children that are exposed to learning through trial and error are better equipped for future learning.
We use gymnastics to nurture each child’s self-esteem by creating a fun and exciting class experience. Our Preschool classes guide each child through physical challenges that promote individual success. Our instructors will help your child to replace words like “I can’t” with phrases like “I don’t know how yet”, “Can you help me?”, or most importantly “I will try!”

Each week your child will follow four fun filled rotations. Throughout the 10 week session, children will work on the vault, uneven bars, beam, floor, pommel horse, rings, parallel bars, tramp and everyone’s favorite- our large “PIT” of loose foam blocks.

Our recreational program offers students the ability to advance at their own pace. We realize that some students enjoy participating in the activity of gymnastics and do not have competition as their goal. We offer several levels of participation to enjoy and have fun. The student starts at the beginning level and can progress all the way up to the advanced if they so desire. Girls will learn the fundamental skills on vault, bars, beam, floor, and trampoline. Boys will learn the fundamental skills on vault, parallel bars, pommel horse, rings, high bar, floor and trampoline.

These classes are specifically offered for those who would like to increase their tumbling and aerial skills. It is most popular with cheerleaders, skaters, and divers. The major goals of this program are to learn a back handspring or “flip flop” and back tuck. Please be aware that these cannot be learned in one session. It takes years of a developmental process to learn. The rate at which a person can learn a back handspring is dependent on a person’s strength and flexibility. We have added a conditioning and flexibility rotation to help the student speed up the learning process. Strength, flexibility, and proper progression are essential to the safety of the student. It also will help cut down the number of injuries they could receive.
In addition to our excellent preschool and recreational programs, Bartlett Academy of Artistic Gymnastics is proud to offer both competitive boys’ and girls’ gymnastics teams. Our teams compete in local, regional, and national competitions through USA Gymnastics.

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Bartlett Academy of Artistic Gymnastics Policies:

Registration Information
Bartlett Gymnastics is changing over to a no contract, pay by the month system. This is a school year round program with no long-term commitments. By doing this we will provide the opportunity to make smaller payments, eliminate the hassle of registering every 10 – 11 weeks, ensure your child never loses their spot, and children will be moved up as soon as they are ready instead of waiting until the end of a session.

Our school year calendar will run August 14, 2017 – June 16, 2018.

The gym will be closed the following dates during the school year calendar:
Mon 9/4/17 Labor Day
Thurs 11/23/17 – Sat 11/25/17 Thanksgiving Break
Mon 12/25/17 – Wed 1/3/18 Christmas Break
Mon 5/28/18 Memorial Day
We do not prorate for holidays or gym closings.

Registration Policies:
1. Registration – The first time you register your child, you will only pay for the cost of your starting month. After that your card will be billed the monthly payment on the 24th for the upcoming month.
2. Everyone is required to have a credit/debit card on file. Each family has the opportunity to pay by the 24th of the prior month with another form of payment. However if payment was not made, then the card will be charged on the 24th for the upcoming month. If for any reason the card was declined, you will be notified and your child will be dropped from their class if payment is not received by the end of the month. There is a $20 service charge for all returned checks.
3. There is no contract, if you choose to not continue in that class, notification must be given in writing (email is preferred) to the office by the 15th of your final month, or you are responsible for the following month’s tuition. If you fail to give written notice by the 15th, you are still charged and therefore enrolled in the upcoming month and there are no refunds given.
4. Tuition is budgeted into monthly payments over the school year calendar which will run August 14, 2017 – June 16, 2018. August and June tuition will be prorated at 50%. September – May tuition will be the standard monthly tuition. We do not charge more for ‘long’ months, nor less for ‘short’ months. We do not prorate for holidays or gym closings.
5. There are NO REFUNDS or credits for missed classes or dropping your class mid-month.
6. Re-enrollment Fee – There is no registration fee when you first register for classes at Bartlett Gymnastics. However, if you drop out of a class during the school year and then want to re-enroll at a later month, you will be charged a $25 re-enrollment fee.
7. Sibling Discounts – you will receive a 10% Sibling Discount on the lower tuition of a sibling’s class.
8. Class discount – Any student enrolling in more than one class will receive a 20% discount on their second and third classes.
9. Make-up Policy – Make-up classes are available for currently enrolled students and must be scheduled with the office ahead of time to ensure space is available.
10. Changing classes – A student may switch classes at any time as long as there is available space. Please contact the front desk for assistance.