Excel Program

Our Xcel program is a USA Gymnastics sanctioned program designed to offer a competitive alternative to the traditional USAG Junior Olympic competitive program. The purpose of the Xcel Program is to give recreational gymnasts the opportunity to participate in competition without the intense time commitment o traditional JO Competitive Teams. With fewer hours in the gym, our Xcel program is less expensive and gymnasts are able to enjoy competitive gymnastics and other activities at the same time without having to choose one activity over another. Our Xcel Teams practices fewer days a week, but don’t get us wrong – our gymnasts set and achieve their goals! So how is Xcel Different: How is Xcel different from the Jr. Olympic (J.O.) Program? First of all the commitment to time in the gym is far less than the J.O. Program. Xcel athletes may spend less time in the gym, but still get to enjoy competing and being part of a gymnastics team. Second, each Xcel participant can create their routines based on the skills they know and are confident with. Finally is affordability. With less time in the gym, monthly tuition is lower. Xcel also attends fewer competitions which helps to keep expenses down.

Our Team program is an invitation only program. Once your daughter has advanced through the various classes she will be asked to join either the Xcel program or the JO program. Each child is an individual and the progression between girls will vary greatly. Some are asked to join a team as young as 5 years old while others may not be ready until they are 10. Our ultimate goal is to place your daughter in the program where she can be the most successful. For more information on our Team Program, please contact our office.